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Covid-19 Statement 2/1/2021

To all our fantastic customers,

Now 2020 has finally finished, we’re looking forward to the sun returning and the promise of a better summer.

However, like many industries the impact of 2020 will continue to be felt for some time.

For us it’s this shocking statement;

Model year 2021 bikes have completely been presold to bike shops.

What does this mean for you?

We have the best part of 300 bikes on order, so are in reasonably fortunate position, but this is still a limited range. Therefore;

We’re urging all our customers to let us know if you, or anyone you know is interested in a new bike to come and have a chat with us.

We can then match up your ideal bike against a bike we have on order or get on order ASAP.

The other problem that has produced is with a lack of new bikes to purchase, we have a been incredibly busy repairing bikes.

We are still operating our first come, first served approach and can normally turn bikes around in 5-10 days from drop off.

However, we’re are seeing a shortage in spare parts and this can massively slow us down.

In order to keep this turnaround time manageable, and reduce contacts, we’re limiting our hours.

We’re open 9am to 1pm Monday to Saturday.

This allows us to work uninterrupted in the afternoon, and in the unlikely event we’re up to date, have an afternoon off to avoid burn out.

If you are a new customer wishing to discuss a bike purchase or accessories order.

Please contact us on, or phone us 01425 482797 during our opening hours.

Monday to Saturday 9am to 1pm

Remember please ride sensibly, take the route less travelled and if coming to see us follow the government guidance.

Thank You All Once Again


What Our Fantasic Customers Say

We really are determined to give you the best service possible

The guys were fantastic, down on holiday for two weeks having never been to the new forest before and didn't appreciate how cycle friendly the area was. Initially sorted my daughter out with her first "gear" bike, then having considered the cost of hiring my wife and I decided to upgrade our bikes with the assistance of the guys at Forge Cycleworks. Couldn't be happier with our choices from their recommendations.

Stuart Hutchinson

Awesome customer service and excellent value for money on both parts and servicing. I say to anyone, before you get on your bike this summer, get it down to Forge for a tune up....

Tim McDowell
Swim With Tim

All I can say is these guys are amazing! Thank you team for all of your advice,advice is priceless and really does help when you are looking too improve the bikes that you have. Moni is loving her new ride and my new tubeless tyres are bloody fantastic and will never look back! My winter bike is like new now and the boys bike will be on it's way soon for some of your TLC. Thank you again team!!

Chris Watson