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Juice Lubes Fork Juice Suspension/Dropper Spray - 400ml

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Fork Juice is a quick no-mess easy to apply and great value suspension fork lubricant that prevents wiper seal stiction protects your fork stanchions and keeps them running super smooth. Which is exactly how you want your forks to be right? Now most people at the moment fall in to one of 3 camps when it comes to fork maintenance between services – they either 1) drip some chain lube on to the uppers 2) smear some grease round them or 3) do nothing at all and say “they feel OK to me”!??. Well read on to find out why the growing number of racers mechanics and riders using Fork Juice think that it is a better alternative to all 3 of the above.

  • 1. Its a spray – so you get even and complete coverage quickly and easily without getting it all over your fingers or it running down the legs.
  • 2. It sets up dry almost immediately unlike chain lube or a grease which are both sticky. So when you are on a charge down your favourite trail and crap is flying everywhere it is far less likely to stick to the stanchions and get dragged through the seals to the internals. Less muck in the internals means better performance between services. Quite simply crud doesnt like sticking to anything that has been sprayed with Fork Juice.
  • 3. It is superb at helping get top performance from brand new forks during the bedding in period when the seals are at their tightest. Its effects are particularly noticeable on large diameter stanchions where there is a greater contact area between the uppers and seals which makes the stiction worse. New Forks feel great straight out of the box and keep feeling great.
  • 4. It is not carbon based unlike PTFE (Teflon). Some forks have internals components that are coated in PTFE – if you add more PTFE to the mix in the form of a lubricant it can upset the balance and quicken the wearing out of those parts. Whether you know if your forks have any such components inside them or not its easier to play it safe and avoid carbon based lubes.
  • 5. It is also an excellent bike polish. As we said in point 2 – crud doesnt like sticking to anything that has been sprayed with Fork Juice – and this goes for anywhere on your bike. Spray it on the frame and you have a finish that makes it harder for dirt to stick to which is going to make it much quicker and easier to clean post ride. Plus think of all that extra weight you wont have to carry around with you – it is possible to collect up to 5 lbs of crud sticking to your steed on a ride. Which is a bit annoying if you have spent hundreds of pounds on weight saving components. A few quid on a can of Fork Juice will help you get that bit more from your investment.